Pipeline Cleaning

Buildup inside a pipeline can slow the transmission of product. It can even plug the pipeline, causing dangerous flaws and cracks. Excella provides a level of assurance for industries that rely on free-flowing pipelines.

Pipe pigs facilitate pipeline cleaning by scraping clean the inside pipe walls and pushing out debris in the pipes. In addition to clearing the line, the pipe pig can also inspect the interior of the line.

In situation where a pipeline is deemed “unpiggable” for reasons of not having a launcher or a receiver, or including diameter variations, bends or barred tees, solutions exist for the design and implementation of a proper cleaning process utilizing gels and elastic non-conventional pigs.

Pipeline Cleaning by means of a spherical or cylindrical pigs, gels and solvents is a convenient and effective way of cleaning the pipe without interrupting the flow. The pipe is introduced into the pipeline via a trap, which is equipped with a launcher and receiver. The product flow forces the pig through the pipeline; alternatively, it can be towed by a cable or another device.