Oilfield Additives


Excella MENA DMCC has partnered with some of the most trusted names in manufacturing of oilfield chemicals from around the world to bring quality chemicals to the Middle East and North Africa region with locally made products, technical and logistics support to ensure our clients can focus solely on delivering the top-quality service the operators expect from them.

With decades of experience in well services and chemicals within our team, Excella MENA DMCC is your perfect partner for all your requirements of cementing and stimulation additives. Our mix of service quality, understanding of field application and product chemistry and expertise in logistics makes us the one-stop supplier of choice for some of the biggest service providers in the MENA region.

Cementing Additives

  1. Cement Retarders: Our range of lignosulfonate, blended and synthetic retarders covers a wide range of BHCT.
  2. Cement Dispersants: Providing the perfect rheology for your cement slurry, whether you are using freshwater, seawater or salt saturated water up to 18% BWOC.
  3. Fluid Loss Additives: A range of viscosifying and dispersing type fluid loss additives tested and approved as equivalents of top-of-the-range products in the industry.
  4. Anti-gas migration additives: Standalone or coupled with a stabilizer when needed, our Latex product serves to mitigate issues associated with gas migration through cement.
  5. Defoamers & Anti-foaming: Eliminating foam or inhibiting its development within the slurry with Excella’s range of alcohol and silicone based defoaming and anti-foaming products

Stimulation Additives

  1. Corrosion Inhibitors: Offering corrosion protection in acid stimulation operations, for use in HCl recipes with concentrations from 15% to 32% and temperature ranges up to 350F. Aided with acid-based and metal-based intensifiers
  2. Iron Control: Whether through sequestering or chelating, keep your acid recipe’s Fe under check with a range of liquid and powder chemistries compatible with most known acid additives.
  3. Surfactants: Whether you are looking to eliminate sludge formation, reduce surface tension or break emulsions, Excella MENA’s diverse range of surfactant chemistry allows you to ensure your acid recipe is optimized under all well conditions.
  4. H2S Scavengers: Available in multiple concentrations, Excella MENA’s Triazine based H2S Scavengers are suitable for various applications, both downhole and in pipelines.