Fitness Band Bulk Roll 25m


Fitness bands are the all-purpose weapons among resistance bands and can be easily integrated into many popular training exercises. Because of the 2 ends, it is up to you where you grip the band with your hand and how long the band should be for the respective exercise. With our fitness bands you train your muscles with your own body weight. Thus, the bands are also suitable for strength training and Crossfit exercises. Strengthen your muscles and balance your body with coordination exercises or a yoga session with a thin fitness band. The bands are also ideal for physiotherapy exercises and recovery after long training sessions. With the bands, muscles can be specifically stressed or training sessions can be performed even more intensively and strongly.


  • Ideal for training sessions to tighten the arms, legs, abdomen and bottom
  • Made of latex and can be folded to the smallest size
  • Snap resistant and can be stretched repeatedly years after years
  • Material: 100% latex
  • Dimensions: 2.5 m x 15 cm x 0.25 mm
  • Quality: our fitness bands are DEKRA D tested
  • Various Strengths: 7 different thicknesses
  • Made in Germany
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